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Commix Vision Pty(Ltd) is an integrated Artificial Intelligence telematics services organization specializing in developing and integrating new technologies and products for the automotive market.

We are an independent developer of semi-autonomous vehicle intelligence, platform as a service (PaaS), providing a fleet management and AI Cameras System at the cutting-edge of technology. Commix Vision’s system is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, offering predictive analytics and insights. Having an immense pool of data to feed into the machine, the accuracy of the analysis and output evaluation of premiums recorded is very high. The predictive analytical models it generates are based on statistical modelling, behavior modelling, and pattern recognition.

Computer vision algorithms identify and analyze transitions of facial key points, face yaw angles and eye report ratios to detect and coach drowsy and distracted driving behavior. These advanced self-learning algorithms can also recognize facial characteristics and identify unauthorized drivers as well as whether or not the seatbelt is being used properly.

The intelligent ADAS platform technology allows for real-time detection, assessment, and coaching driving behavior, to predict and prevent accidents and fatalities. The Commix Vision technology can be implemented in a large variety of industries, including extreme environments, like mining, or in extreme weather areas, Government Departments, State Owned Enterprise, Municipalities, Logistics Companies, Car Rental, Insuarances, Corporate, Agricultural Farming and Consumer market as a whole.

Commix Vision’s products offer high quality, modular and wide variety of solutions, enabling greater protection and better management over vehicle fleets and valuable assets, while lowering operational cost for the customer. With more than 5 million active telematics devices installed in more than 88 countries, Commix Vision is well positioned as a global leader in the telematics industry.

Our Products

Recovery Vision

Recovery Vision is a small sized vehicle tracking device, designed for minimal and simple installation mainly for stolen vehicle recovery purposes and accident alert. Recovery Vision support applications such as UBI (usage based insurance) and provides water proof casing, Bluetooth, cellular communication and Commix Vision’s award winning technology for Driver Behaviour analysis and a Black-Box for accident reconstruction.

Recovery Vision provides real-time information regarding unsafe driving behaviour, including careless driving manoeuvres, accidents, speed violations etc. It automatically identifies 20 different manoeuvres types, in 3 severity levels - regular, aggressive, dangerous which are based on the specific vehicle type it’s installed on, creating an accurate reporting and grading mechanism.

Recovery Vision comes with a ‘Black-Box’ mode, that detects real-time accident events and stores all the data about the manoeuvres before and after the accident, with a high sampling rate of 100 times per second for accurate post-accident analysis.

Key Features
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Towing detection
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Cellular jamming detection
  • Accident Alerts

Essential Vision

Essential Vision is a cost effective vehicle tracking device designed for entry level applications and is suitable for mini-fleet management, this is design in mind to offer the basic of fleet management for small to medium enterprises.

  • Live Tracking
  • GPRS and/or text alerts
  • Self-tracking mode
  • Internal backup battery
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Reduced size for quick and easy installation
  • Home/Roaming management
  • Geo-Fence management and alert
  • Configurable speed alert
  • Panic button support
  • Keep-alive mechanism
  • Vehicle Battery Diagnostic: charge, voltage and life (i.e.: SoH)
  • Vehicle Starter Diagnostic: start time and grading
  • Cellular jamming detection
  • Boarder Alerts
  • Tamper Alert
  • Garage Mode
  • Graphical Reports
  • Route planning
  • Tire management
  • Service Reminder

Premium Vision

Premium Vision is an advanced Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solution, with Driving Behaviour, which provides information regarding abnormal driving behaviour, including broad manoeuvres such as: careless driving, accidents, speed violation etc., which can significantly improve fleet management capabilities and performances.

The Premium Vision is highly recommended for use in Medium to Large fleet such as security, logistics, fleet management, insurance, government departments, soe’s, municipalities, rental and leasing service companies.

  • Live Tracking
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services
  • Highly configurable functionality
  • GPRS and/or Text alerts
  • Self-tracking mode
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Home/Roaming management
  • Geo-Fence management and alert
  • Remote immobilizing capabilities
  • Configurable speed alert
  • Panic button support
  • Keep-alive mechanism
  • OLP (Output Logic Programming) for complex output signal generation
  • Cellular jamming detection
  • Firmware & configuration update Over The Air (OTA)
  • Dedicated single wire com port, enabling the use of Commix Vision’s wide range of accessories
  • Remote vehicle shutdown (using eCut immobilizing system or relay) Optional
  • Vehicle battery diagnostic: charge, voltage and life(i.e.: SoH)
  • Vehicle starter diagnostic: start time and grading
  • Built-in data logger: Up to 10,000 records
  • Driver ID: internal management of up to 500 drivers
  • Full scale driving behaviour reports
  • 20 predefined manoeuvre types auto identification in 3 levels: Normal, Aggressive, Dangerous
  • External visual and audio alerting system(Optional)
  • Visual alert LED system, stores data of last 3 drivers(Optional)
  • Compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwide
  • Boarder Alerts
  • Tamper Alert
  • Garage Mode
  • Accident Alert
  • Graphical Reports
  • Route planning
  • Tire management
  • Service Reminder
  • Cellular jamming detection
Premium Vision

Premium Vision +

Premium Vision Plus is a versatile telematics device, with highly configurable functionality and various variants to enrich and support any requirement and challenge in the Fleet Management, Vehicle Diagnostic, Driver and Passenger Safety and many additional automotive Connected Car solutions requirements.

These additional features can come embedded in the device or as external Add-Ons, added at any time after installation, from Commix Vision’s growing about-us of Add-Ons and Accessories.

Premium Vision Plus is compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwide. With a wide variety of Add-Ons and Accessories Premium Vision Plus offers a highly modular solution for any fleet requirement/challengers.

Premium Vision +

Have all the Premium Vision features plus

The device comes with variety of options for cellular communication technology to choose from: 2G(GPRS), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE: CAT-4 , CAT-1,CAT-M1/NB-1) modules.

Wi-Fi hotspot with ability to support up to 8 concurrent users. In addition, as an option, the technology can be configured to act as a client instead of host, in order to connect with third party Wi-Fi hotspot.

The device comes with two way Bluetooth communication module which can be used to transmit data between the device and a mobile phone/tablet or read data from variety of external Bluetooth/BLE sensors and tags.

External GPS and Cellular antennas plugs. Used to enhance the communication capability of vehicles in which the communication of the internal antennas is limited, such as in armoured vehicles.

Commix Vision’s patented RF solution (eConnect) to track jammed vehicles, by enabling alternative communication between vehicles. The Variant offers 433Mhz or 915Mhz frequency, per request.

The device comes with Commix Vision's CAN Engine technology to support CANBUS interface with various protocols such as OBD2, CANBUS, FMSJ1939, J1708, K-Line, VPW, PWM and ability to add additional protocols to support. The technology offers a programmable rule engine, to enable simple creation of data analysis based events.

3D high sensitivity accelerometer and gyro supported Commix Vision's Safety technology for Driving Behaviour analysis and Black Box feature. The technology can identify 20 manoeuvre types in 3 levels. The functionality offers event based driving behaviour alerts and also detailed histogram reporting features.

Used for drivers identification and management, and supports list of allowed drivers. The ID variant includes two proximity Remote controls (eCom Tag) and supports various identification types. Additional Tags can be added at any time.

Support for voice communication with the driver, enabled by the use of external speaker and dedicated microphone, both inclusive of this variant kit. An option to use Commix Vision's keypad, or a push button is available for fast dialling, manual answer/disconnect of the calls.

  • PND solution with Garmin integration


Highly cost effective and long life trailer and asset tracking device. The waterproof Asset Vision brings the best of all worlds:

  • Advanced tracking device based on the highly rated Commix platform
  • Strong long-life internal battery
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Increase security and minimize risk of your Trailers and assets
  • Decrease time locating your trailers and assets’ whereabouts
  • Smart battery power conserving functionality
  • Asset Vision comes with a special IP67 4 pin plug offering simple re-charging at home, office or in vehicle
  • Geo-Fence management and alert
  • Self-tracking mode
  • Text alerts
  • Low power consumption (Standby <300μA)
  • Heavy duty magnets for fast installation
  • Cellular jamming detection
  • Home/Roaming management
  • Trailer identification feature (optional, using Commix’s Trailer ID solution)
  • Integrated 3D accelerometer and shock sensor allowing the device to detect motion, movement and report it, in order to enhance battery life and efficiency

AI X-Ray Vision

The AI X-RAY Vision is a fleet tracking system with camera, or a Video Event Recorder, created for businesses looking to reduce accidents and monitor fleet vehicles and drivers. More and more fleet safety managers are realizing the need to see what is happening in their vehicles and making the switch from standard GPS tracking to video telematics.

The X-RAY Vision’s dual-video dash camera and video event recorder captures both the driver and road, giving fleet managers the ability to train drivers based on real events. All of your fleet vehicles can be monitored remotely from a computer or mobile device. State of the art fleet management software allows the camera to record and log events based on speed, accidents, and GPS locations.

The X-RAY Vision camera systems are part of a vast deep learning network where humans are constantly training the artificial intelligence (A.I.) brain behind the X-RAY Vision vehicle camera. Analysing billions of kilometres and driving data we can predict and prevent accidents, warn drivers, assess risk and capture video events with extreme accuracy. Thanks to the A.I. system we have created at Commix Vision, our fleet camera systems are constantly improving and getting more intelligent at a rapid rate detecting risk, making transportation safer and saving companies money.

AI X-Ray Vision

Save time with Facial Recognition software built right into the X-ray Vision camera. Upon start up the camera automatically identifies the driver and logs that information with event videos. Regardless of which vehicle a driver is in, their events and driving data will always be associated. This saves fleet managers time when watching events and ensures accurate driver scoring and ratings for training purposes. No more cheating when it comes to Drive Identification


Deep learning architectures such as deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, segmentation neural networks, deep belief networks and recurrent neural networks have been applied with success on our camera system, emphasizing computer vision, behaviour analysis and pattern recognition. When these libraries of thousands of “Advanced algorithms developed in-house” combined with billions of driven miles of data “experience”, Commix Vision, with its state of the art systems and more than 8 years of experience in the Transportation industry, is second to none in keeping your fleet safe and profitable.


With intelligent fleet cameras, our systems are able to identify and distinguish not only between different types of events but the significance of events and severity of incidents and how that may impact the driver or vehicle. The system, built on Machine Learning will suggest how the incident should be handled by fleet representative. Our ever-growing cloud of recorded events, continuous video and video telematics allows us to use the real power of deep learning to create intelligent, autonomous triggers personalized for different vehicle types and custom driver behaviours. The newly trained data is transferred in real-time and distributed to other vehicles in the fleet making the entire Fleet more intelligent.


Most of our features that use Artificial intelligence allow Commix Vision to identify different forms of Distracted Driving. Distracted Driving is an umbrella group that encompasses many bad driving behaviours. The trick is to identify when a driver is distracted and why. Distraction is “The” most dangerous hazard on the road today causing thousands of accidents in the world every year. Other forms of distracted driving such as driving while texting, cell phone usage or drowsy driving. As an example, with drowsy driving, the Commix system will alert drivers when they need to pullover and rest. All the events trigger video event recordings and logs them with the cloud for review.


Commix Vision Safe Distance Warning System is the first system in the industry that does not require expensive, hard to install and calibrate, add on hardware. Our HD camera equipped with advanced A.I. can detect distance, vehicle proximity, direction and other objects in the road ahead. The Commix system is permanently tracking a driver’s driving patterns and detects when a driver is too close to the vehicle in front or is approaching at an unsafe rate of speed. Drivers are notified and if the behaviour continues, violations are captured on video and the data is transmitted, stored and analysed to be used in the Drivers Safety Score calculated by our system. Why does this matter? Twenty-three percent of motor vehicle crashes are rear-ended type of accidents, many of which are caused by tailgating according to research compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These rear-ending accidents cause an estimated 950,000 injuries and up to 2,000 fatalities yearly.1 Combine this with the fact that the cost of rear-end accidents are nearly always the fault of the vehicle in the rear, these are habits that need to be fixed as soon as possible.


A.I. and deep learning at Commix doesn’t stop at computer vision and facial/object recognition. Our reporting system utilized statistical modelling, behaviour modelling, pattern recognition and other business intelligence to create predictive analytical models. These models, run against massive data lakes (big data) combined with human monitoring, has created highly accurate data output. This output was used to train the advanced neural networks (machine learning) and outputs near perfect data. This data is displayed in the form of highly actionable data sets visualized on our scoring system and new age reporting.


Commix Vision’s software can automatically add face blur to videos to protect drivers’ and passengers’ privacy.

Fleet Benefits

Fleet Benefits

Driver Benefits

Driver Benefits



Safety & Security

Improving fleet safety & security goes beyond keeping your drivers safe on the road, it also brings financial benefits through reduced costs and better reputation management. Lower your fuel costs, maintenance bills and insurance premiums with your fleet safety telematics.


Fleet Management

Fleet management is a system of telematics technologies and procedures designed to help an organization and fleet managers run at the best efficient capacity, and as companies face growing demand and other industry challenges, fleet management is important to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, improve productivity and safety and positively impact the bottom line.


Asset Management

Commix Vision’s systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles. It may apply both to tangible assets (physical objects such as buildings or equipment) and to intangible assets (such as human capital, intellectual property, goodwill and/or financial assets). Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks and performance attributes).


Fuel Management

A highly accurate analog fuel level / consumption adaptor, delivering a real time alerts regarding theft and fuelling events, even when ignition is switched off (parking). The fuel management system is using the vehicle’s original fuel float, and alerts in refuelling and fuel theft events. It converts the original float data into clear and simple measuring tool and offers unique pull-up mechanism to monitor changes during ignition on/off.
eFuel Vision is using Commix Vision’s proprietary eNet communication protocol to transmit events to the server through the Commix Vision tracking device. The combination of fuel reading capabilities and alerts even when ignition is switched Off, makes eFuel Vision the perfect solution for real-time fuel theft and refuel reports and for general fuel monitoring of different vehicle types.
eFuel Vision calibration process is fully automatic. Using a special algorithm, eFuel Vision calibrates itself during vehicle daily activity and is fully operational after a couple of refuels.

Canbus System

Commix Vision's CAN Engine technology is designed to support CANBUS interface with various protocols such as OBD2, CANBUS, FMSJ1939, J1708, K-Line, VPW, PWM and ability to add additional protocols to support. The technology offers a programmable rule engine, to enable simple creation of data analysis based premium vision plus.

It monitors operation parameters on board such as:
  • Fuel level in tank;
  • Instant fuel consumption, total fuel consumption;
  • Total operating time, operation in optimal and overload engine modes;
  • Parameters from additional equipment;
  • Voltage and condition of electrical equipment and many more parameters.

Axle Load Weight

Commix Vision’s axle load sensor solution is designed for measuring axle and cargo load on vehicles with leaf spring suspension and it is also used to determine the axle load in vehicles equipped with air suspension in transport telematics systems. It integrates in a fleet monitoring system and transmits data as an analog signal. The tracking device converts this signal in load mass value according to the calibration.


Cold Chain Monitoring

Commix Vision offers a solution for Cold Chain temperature monitoring. Using different temperature sensors, the solution always enables the monitoring of the exact temperature and ensures that the cargo is kept in the ideal condition and arrives at its destination fresh and well-kept.

This solution is suitable for refrigerated transportation of any cargo that requires special temperature conditions while being transported ,such as food, pharmaceutical products, flowers, or any other agricultural products.


Waste Management

Commix's Waste Management solution monitors the pick-up of waste-bins. This solution is part of Commix’ s IoT line of solutions and was designed to assist Municipalities in offering complete fleet management services to their residents/customers in monitoring their sanitation services.

The Waste Management solution monitors each waste-bin and can automatically verify and report when it is picked up by the truck, in real-time. The solution consists of a tracker and a receiver in the pick-up truck, and an active tag in each trash bin. This way, it is possible to monitor the pickup of every bin, and know which truck picked it up, when and where it happened.

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